Welcome to the King Family Legacy! I am happy to announce that this Legacy is finally underway… again. It’s a remake of a legacy I tried a few years back, but couldn’t continue because my game glitched and destroyed the legacy completely. And back then I didn’t know how to save sims or games *ahem* anyway, here are the few rules I will be following:

  • The heirs can be either male or female
  • At the end of each generation, I will hold a poll, and the next heir will be voted in by the readers.
  • I will not be following a points system
  • I will be changing some rules around to fit with the storyline the way I see fit.

Now that that’s out of the way, let’s begin!


We start out this legacy with our founder, Kitty King


Kathrine King, also known as Kitty, is a small town school teacher with big dreams. Someday she hopes to become a famous novelist. In order to realize her dreams, Kitty moves to the big city and starts off her new life there. But will the big city be too much for this small town girl to handle? Will she be able to withstand the hardships and drama that lays ahead, or will all it prove too much for this naive elementary school teacher?

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Coming along in the next generation is the heir, Bridget King


They said she’d never be able to walk again. They said she wouldn’t have much of a life because of it, but Bridget King had always been all about proving them wrong. She’s a tom boy and a rebel, and all she wants to do is beat the odds. When she sees her brother playing with his little high school garage band one day, the image sparks a new dream. A desire to be in a band. But can she really accomplish her dream if she can’t even get out of a wheelchair on her own?

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One Response to Home

  1. amandralynn says:

    I love kitty! I hope she makes it in the big city! 🙂

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